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French President Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron

Editor’s note. From time to time, Simone sends us short commentary like the one below. We will publish the most interesting of these. These thoughts came in response to the Macron victory in the French election.

I am glad France has reversed course. I am glad Macron is pro-European. But why? oh why? couldn’t we do it here? Why do we have to put up with these Mafia criminals in the White House? And who will have the guts to sack them?

Our current resident makes Nixon look like a saint and George W like a genius. (and Marine Le Pen like a nuisance)

I guess we can thank our overly long campaign season and our electoral system for our woes.

Macron was a dark horse but perhaps will prove to be a good one.

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  1. Vive la France!… oh wait, that was old chant… new French chant is: Allah Akbar!

    P.S. If any real French want to migrate to Russia now for a better life – you are welcome. =)

  2. There is huge line to migrate to Russia from Ukraine. People run from Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Since Ukraine is in visa-free regime with EU now, you may call it migration from Europe to Russia. =)

    P.S. And of course, I must mention Gerard Depardieu, who has Russian passport. I think, he is very good man and great actor. I was raised on his movies. <3

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