Pundits are writing: How can Hillary be a credible advocate for the middle class? How can she understand everyday people’s problems when she is so immensely rich and vacations in the Hamptons and mingles with all those multi-billionaires? It’s like saying: This doctor looks so healthy. How can he possibly understand and cure sick people when he is not sick himself?

Another thing I would like people to explain to me is the gay “pride” concept. Sexual orientation, like gender, race and eye coloring is something that one is born with and not a question of choice. It certainly should be accorded equal protection under the law. We do not say we are proud to be tall, or curly haired or left handed. Maybe the “pride” in gay pride is a reaction to and over-correction for centuries of ostracism and persecution.

I also do not comprehend all the uproar about Rachel Dolezal, the Spokane president and CEO of the NAACP who turns out to be white. What is so reprehensible about a person who wants to identify as black and to celebrate black identity? We always say that we need to start a “conversation” about racism. Rachel did not talk about it. She acted. Let’s hear it for Rachel Dolezal.

Contrast this with Dylan Roof in Charleston who sat for an hour in a black church, was welcomed by the congregation and then got up and shot 9 people because he wanted to start a race war. The southern States came together and immediately took action. They removed the confederate flag from public buildings. It took this horrific action to galvanize them.

But how many deaths will it take before we get the same kind of response to the damage caused to our psyche, our families, our society and our reputation in the world by so many individuals running around with guns and shooting people in schools, churches, movie theaters, military installations and everywhere they please.
How many more mass shootings will it take for the American people to wake up to the menace of guns?

(Editor’s note: This post was written before the recent murders in Chattanooga and Lafayette)

Guns in the home are not a protection. Guns in the home are an invitation to violence and death. Children die in accidents. Suicides are made easy and quarrels degenerate into killing. Guns do not protect. Guns kill. Let us get rid of guns like we got rid of the confederate flags.

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  1. My cousin, who is married to a soldier, was recently at a restaurant, having a private conversation with her friend, about how she did not think it to be wise for soldiers to be given the green light to carry guns in their private lives. A man came up to her and told her to keep her opinions to herself in a public setting! Such arrogance. He said soldiers wore targets on their backs.

    I say to him that the people in the Charleston church have worn targets on their backs since the moment they were born. Would he advocate that all black Americans carry guns in their private lives? I bet not.

    Anyway, as usual, I love your post. As for gay pride, I think you are correct in thinking that perhaps it comes from years of being ashamed and hiding one’s feelings. It just feels good to be able to celebrate. Soon enough, this won’t be a part of the gay experience, so to speak. A person is a person is a person!

  2. interesting thoughts, and I love the picture that leads the piece!

    I thought the same about the woman in Washington. Who cares what color she identifies as? We have such efforts at saying, “anybody can be any gender they want” or “anybody can be any sexual orientation they want” why is it such a big deal she decided she wants to be black?

    I do agree with Libby, I think the “pride” concept is a reaction to so many years of shaming. It’s to say that they will no longer hide after many years of hiding. In time, I’m sure, they will simply become part of the mainstream and the pride idea may fade away.

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