Happy 96th Birthday To Our Author




January 14, 2018


From the Editor…..

I just wanted to celebrate a little bit with you on the occasion of Simone’s 96th Birthday. It is nice to know how many of you appreciate her marvelous mind.

Simone loves your comments of all kinds, so please take a moment to respond whenever you can. Your energy makes the blog better.

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Irl Cramer






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  1. Congratulations. Everyone I know who was born in the 20’s is living forever. What do you think is your secret? I have my theories. My mother lived to 94. My mother-in-law just runed 90. The secret is — nothing to excess.

    Irl and I were very close friends all during college.

    Make it another special day

  2. Thank you all for your congratulations. As for the secret, certainly moderation comes into it. Exercise and eating habits also. And keeping intellectually stimulated. And as in everything, luck plays a role.

  3. My sincere congratulations to the lovely elderly lady.She is endowed with profound humanism and solicitude for the collective welfare of families and their loved ones.

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