Inauguration Day 2017



In the kingdom of Howcouldthispossiblyhappen, a new king was being sworn in. It was in the month of January and Inauguration Day dawned cold and inhospitable. Arctic winds blew and covered the Inaugural platform with icy frost. The sky was obscured as darkness descended at noon. The people of the land could have watched on their televisions, but in truth many did not want to see the king whom many described as ugly. So they huddled together in their homes, schools and offices trying to find some warmth and hope.


And so it was that King Turnip and Queen Melon and their motorcade rolled down Panoramic Avenue through  deserted streets.  Clad in splendid purple and ermine, Turnip and Melon waved wildly to the non-existent crowd as their procession rolled slowly toward the Palace where liveried footmen awaited their arrival.


The people of Howcouldthispossiblyhappen were sad. They already missed their old King Banana and his wife Mango and the two beautiful young princesses. During their reign much had been accomplished, for King Banana cared about the welfare, good health and secure old age of the citizenry. They had heard rumors that King Turnip intended to wreck everything that had been carefully constructed, disrupt their peaceful existence and make war on their neighbors. They also feared that “barbarians” would be kept out of the kingdom and friendly “aliens” exiled. Many had come to realize that their new king was not only ignorant and unintelligent but also malevolent.

Soon the royal cortege arrived at the Palace to be greeted by polite and attentive staff that showed them to their quarters and helped them unpack their royal clothing and regalia.


For the first time in anyone’s memory, the sky was darkened as hundreds of ravens circled the palace.




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  1. Some will say how could you write this. I say, how could you not write this. History repeats itself in many ways. Berlusconi, Savonarola, Rasputin, Pt Barnum. “I alone have come to save you.”

  2. Simone,
    Once again you have expressed so beautifully what so many feel but cannot express as you have with such brilliant satire.
    I wish you good health and long life.
    Alan Levine

  3. This comment came to admin: Simone – I just read your latest blog – it’s brilliant – I laughed and worried and decided that in my mind at least you will be called Simone Klugfrau.

  4. Oh yes, Simone is brilliant in ignoring the fact that there are people who actually voted for Trump. They are good people, not “deplorables”, and I don’t think that they are all that depressed today.

  5. wonderfully described…at least it has not yet been normalized. The people have turned their backs on him in record numbers. The protesters will outnumber the revelers by 5 to 1…

  6. Bravo Simone! Your spoof on Trump reminds of another great skit – Charlie Chaplin’s parody of Hitler in The Great Dictator. You’ve nailed it.

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