Is Access to Abortion A Human Right?


Over the last 30 years more than 25 countries have changed their laws to provide greater access to abortion.  Unrestricted abortion is now available in he United Sates, Canada  most European nations, China, South Africa , and Tunisia among others.

But in Latin America and the Caribbean 97% of women live in countries with restrictive abortion laws. The exceptions are Cuba, Guyana, Uruguay and Mexico City.

At the moment the great battleground and test  case for abortion rights is in Argentina. After the Chamber of Deputies recently approved an abortion rights bill, the Senate on August 8 voted it down 38 to 31.

The battle that preceded this vote centered on two opposing groups. “Ni una menos” (not one less) was formed in 2015 to raise awareness about violence against women. Green handkerchiefs are the symbol of their efforts.

Opposing them are the pro-life activists, whose support comes mostly from rural areas.  They succeeded in defeating the bill. They wear blue handkerchiefs and their slogan is

“Si a la vida” (yes to life).  This group has the support of the Church, which calls abortion the murder of a child.  Also in their favor is the fact that the Constitution bans abortion except for rape victims. In Argentina, abortion is considered both immoral and illegal.

In  Chile restrictive measures on abortion were also introduced this year, and a protest march by women  took place on July 25.

Pope Francis, who is Argentinian, was in Chile at the time and he compared having an abortion to avoid birth defects to the Nazi idea of trying to create a “pure” race.

Our Great Leader, not to be outdone, also plunged into action. He promptly decided to deny funds to family planning clinics that provided abortions.

Banning abortions does not make them go away and  an average of 200 women die each year because of botched illegal ones. The victims of unsafe abortions are the poorest and most marginalized women. They fall victim to unscrupulous and dangerous quacks.

I believe that abortion should be allowed but used as a solution of last resort. Every living organism has a built-in urge to continue living and we are deluding ourselves when we affirm that killing a “pest” or slaughtering a cow or a pig is OK and that the “sanctity of life” applies only to humans. It is also true that aborting a fetus can have emotional consequences such as feelings of guilt and depression.

And so I agree with those who say that abortions should be legal, safe, and rare. Having the possibility of abortion available in case of need should be like having a fire escape in your building. You hope not to use it, but your life is more secure because it is there.

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  1. What about the human right of an unborn child? Or is an unborn child not human?

    While enlightened societies have outlawed capital punishment they have imposed a death penalty on an unborn child for an act committed by two consenting adults especially when so many proven and inexpensive methods of prevention are widely available

    We should take away the ability to procreate from irresponsible people who do not take responsibility for their free and consensual actions

  2. Hi Simone. This article has been so interesting for me. I am from Argentina and I always read you. The debate has been intense over here, and there have been some quite interesting expositions in the Senate on the issue. We have learned a lot. I hope someday it will be legal, basically because, in my view, motherhood is not something that can be forced upon any human being. Of course I agree with you, it is always the least desirable option and must be avoided as possibly possible. Warm regards from Buenos Aires. Delfina.

  3. Hola Simone, It is a shame that in the US every year some 200 women die because of botched illegal abortions! Since I was in my early years in university I have been a vegetarian.Only since 2009 I eat fish sometimes(once a week,or longer period). I believe in the ‘Sanctity of life’. Abortions should be legal,safe and rare! Kind regards, Robert Nicolaas

  4. I love how your remind me that politics are happening everywhere! It is easy for me to get myopic about everything just being about the USA.

    There are movements and protests and progress and setbacks across the globe. When I want to go to my happy place, I read about the prime minister of New Zealand, what an awesome woman and what a country that elected her.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. It is surely HUMAN WRONG!

    Abortion is like Nazi genocide for unwanted little people. NWO has used the mothers’ wombs as the new gas chambers for the unwanted race, the unborn race. And they cover it with sheep clothes as free choice or human right.

    These women are fighting for their choice, but who will fight for the voiceless mercilessly killed little children?

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