ISIS and Soup


Our problem in tackling ISIS is that it is not just a piece of land inhabited by enemies of the Western World but an ideology willing to die for its belief that the West must be annihilated.

Recently Avigdor Lieberman, (former Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs) called for a full scale rooting out of ISIS…by NATO. Well, Turkey might not be so keen to help.

And as our military experts remind us, taking territory is so much easier than holding it. As Americans well know, it is very hard to know when it is “mission accomplished.” Is it ever? Lieberman’s Trumpian proposal has very real problems.

But how do we deal with a large scale ideological conflict? Didn’t we do that already when we defeated the Communist World? True it took a very long time to achieve and exacted a high price. In addition, although Communism started as an ideal it was quickly transformed into a “pretend” ideology. Its leaders stopped believing in it and used it principally to consolidate their power.

But Communism, though it stirred many people, did not generate the fervor that ISIS has achieved. Did anyone hear of any young communists blowing themselves up shouting “Marx is Great?”

ISIS, in contrast, is attracting and brainwashing young, ignorant, disaffected recruits with promises of a better life in Paradise where they will be greeted and wooed by 72 beautiful virgins. (Young women who become martyrs are not offered an equivalent benefit.)

It seems that we are dealing with a mutation to a new species of humanoids devoid of many of the traits of empathy, generosity and tolerance that mankind has slowly developed.

And so it is difficult not to be pessimistic about our ability to deal with this scourge. What can we offer in response? The imperfections of democratic rule? The greed of capitalism? Nobody has yet invented an anti-jihadist vaccine, and some of these addicts are too far gone for us to reach.

We can only start at the bottom with the very young. See to it that we give them the proper environment to thrive, a good basic education, role models to emulate, opportunities for jobs and social integration. We must make sure that they do not inhabit a parallel world, and live in enclaves where they nurse grievances that evolve into hatred.

We also need to keep stirring the melting pot of the world. It makes a pretty good soup.

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  1. I don’t think we are seeing a new species, rather we are seeing people who have reverted to more primitive ways of thinking and behaving. Studies of humanoids have shown high rates of homicides among early mankind. (The evidence being damage to skeletons). The evidence supports a conclusion that homicide rates went down as hominoids became more civilized.

    The second important point I would make is that with advanced weapons like rocket grenades, AK47’s, explosive vests, etc. a single person can be much more destructive than early humans could be with pre-bronze age weapons. So today a human can wreak much more destruction than was possible by his ancestors. So even though the number of people practicing despicable behavior is less, the amount of destruction still seems to be high. I think this second point is not emphasized enough because of the power and influence of companies that make weapons.


  2. Totally share the view that friends, family, society at large and governments should work together to rehabilitate those extremists willing to change, and their victims; but also endeavour to avoid unequal development of regions. Encouraging adults to practise birth control will also help.

  3. I totally disagree.
    Silverbacks and other apes seldom kill each other for pleasure, territory or dominance.
    The incidence of skeletal remains that point to humanoids killing each other is but a minor fraction of those who were wise enough to know that the battle against carnivorous predators could only be won by increasing tribal numbers.
    Empathy, generosity, tolerance, compassion and love are traits that have always been the basis of the incredible deep layer of natures’ symbiotic baseline while competition, rivalry, opposition, antagonism and war is but the thin surface we now choose to emphasize in the media, schools, history books and other places.
    Environmental conditions, inequality and corrupt leadership has given rise to those who would harm others while the peaceful people and animals of the world are unable, due to their principles or innate nature, to fight back. This gives peace and prey a bad name and little chance for change as the bullies continue to blame the victims (or those who care for from the verb “to carry”) for the demise of the human conditons.
    Give peace a chance.
    dragonstongue (AKA Dr. Van)

  4. In response to Dr.Van Beveren’s comment, comparing jihadists to great apes would be an insult to apes. What I did have in mind was hypothetical humanoids. Something like mythical demons totally devoid of any soul. This was a flight of fancy rather than a scientific observation.

  5. The blame lies all around. Be it the barbarism of the terrorists or countries who by their actions are barbaric and the comtries that support them. The status of mankind is indeed pathetic. It is only through honest negotiations that conflicts can end. But where is the honesty?

  6. There is only one anti-jihad cure, the same one which works in a zombie apocalypse: a bullet in the head. Once someone is willing to chop heads, rape children and burn people alive in cages for Allah, there is no “de-radicalization” path for him (or her). Just like zombies, they’ll keep coming at you and Allahu Akbaring till you put them down.

    1. I agree that we are in a phase of crisis intervention and should be educating and training children of the world to prevent bigotry, sexism, scientism, religiosity, phobias, anhialation of animals, poisoning of real food.

  7. It is not often I read an article when I agree with every word written. This is one of them.
    Writers have a hard time; I do not know how they survive all the criticism, stupid comments, and trash written by fools and trolls without giving up.
    Thanks, Simone, keep trying, keep writing for our sakes.

  8. The real monsters are those who have unimaginable stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction of unimaginable kinds, who have dropped atomic bombs on cities full of civilian men, women, and children, who are going into other’s homes and killing them at will by drones, precision laser-guided missiles, who are going into other countries and buying people to be their mules and blow themselves up in public places and places of worship, who have gone into others’ cities and built walls between people and made them cut each others throats, who support daily murder of innocent men, women, and children, who support dictators and autocrats who have killed their own people in millions, who have sabotaged democratically elected governments and installed puppet military rulers to suppress the real aspirations of the people, who have poisoned the earth, the atmosphere, and the oceans, who want to exploit the whole world’s resources and destroy it and the whole humanity, ……. the list is endless. Loot, lies, larceny, greed, deceit, bloodthirstiness, and whole lot of evil qualities characterize them. The biggest insult to mankind and its collective intelligence is that they attribute all their evil black deed on others and act clean, pure, and white. Alas, Earth is but a doomed planet.

  9. when the west supplies weapons to those killing innocent humans they are part of the creation of such destructive groups I think those Isis will not exist in the futur but other groups will rise as long as the source of evil still free to do evil acts

  10. We are dealing with an ideology and a belief system here. We all know the problem and how to tackle it at the root, but nobody is even willing to mention the culprit. How do you deal with someone who is willing and ever ready to die for their god, more so if such instructions to kill unbelievers is coming from the very ‘holy book’ of this very ideology cum religious/political system? I don’t want to be charged with bigotry and intolerance, so I won’t mention the culprit either. Meanwhile, like the proverbial Ostrich lets continue to bury our heads in the sand until our way of life, civilisation and everything good that we stand for is swallowed up by this evil ideology. The western world is on a ruinous path to its final destruction by actively embracing and making the environment friendly for this evil ideology to thrive. The time bomb is already ticking!

  11. How exactly are we “actively embracing and making the environment friendly for this evil ideology to thrive?”
    What are we doing that we shouldn’t?
    Do you have any solutions?
    Please tell us Frank.

  12. Sir, long time. Unfair and double standards foreign policies, aggression, bad leadership and corruption are our bane.

  13. I totally agree with Frank especially as the instructions to kill unbelievers is coming from a “holy book” of a religious system. I see the attack as against Christianity and the Western power per se. The western world have turned against their creator. They are now discouraging Christianity and encouraging Islam. Now, the gospel of repentance which alone has the power to change the hearts of evil men has been suppressed. Pastors are prosecuted for preaching against practices which are abominable in the sight of God. Prosperity gospel has become the other of the day and because of this God has abandoned the nation. We need to repent and seek His face else no strategy will be able to deal with this evil system. It will only take the intervention of God. May He help us all.

  14. I agree to a great extent Simone’s comments and prescriptions about dealing with ISIS.However, I think there are areas where all of us need to focus our attention and that is:
    1.Education -A large number of the Muslim populations around the world remain uneducated in both literacy and numeracy partly due to poverty,lack of access and in some situations discrimination in Muslim minority countries which we must address.
    Furthermore, quite a large number of people in the West including the elite,need education on the concept of the term Jihad which is often wrongly translated as “war”.Jihad means a religious duty of Muslims to maintain the religion. In Arabic, the word jihād is a noun meaning the act of “striving, applying oneself, struggling, persevering”often in the idiomatic expression “striving in the way of God (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)”, to refer to the act of striving to serve the purposes of God on this earth.
    2.DISCRIMINATION: The second aspect of my concern is religious discrimination against Muslims in the West by a significant number of individuals,institutions and agencies due to wrong perceptions about Muslims.If I am a citizen or not of any western country and I choose to be a Muslim but not a christian,a Hindu,practice Judaism,satanist or an atheist why should I be an automatic suspect of terrorism? That is harassment?that in itself is terrorism which we must avoid because it has the tendency of polarizing society along these lines which is counter to integration and peaceful co-existence.
    3.My last but not the least comment is that ISIS is a genie out of the box,all sane and humane efforts must be made to curb its influence.The melting pot Simone talked about that must attract the West’s attention to me is the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.This is a scar on the world and the west in particular must ensure that peace,justice and equity is restored.These would contribute to defeating ISIS and the likes for a safer world.

  15. Whether it is a case of reverting to backwardness or mutating to new species of humanoids the point about new forms of socialization for the youth of today (not moslem youth only) is very relevant. But to succeed I think the greed of capitalism and the loop-holes in the practices of democracy should be sincerely dealt with

  16. Are we at last ready to ask the following question: Could any individual, regardless of their social or economical background, of their education, and regardless of their religious, racial, gender or national identity, could any individual who perpetrate an act of violence towards another, actually be a less evolved human being? Can each of us claim that he/she has never perpetrated any form of violence (thoughts included) against another?
    The blame game only deepens divisions and locks both opressors and opressees and all in between in some kind of label and role that prevent them to transcend and transform, and slows down our human evolution. An oppressor can be someone’else victime, a victim can be someone else’s oppressor. Life is on the move all the time, every moment is an opportunity to really See, but we keep ourselves distracted by false discussions, constantly in need to be reassured of our own “righteousness”. We are all hypocrites and false believers, but we all are also beautiful beings capable of love. Why do we keep blinding ourselves with our own ignorance? This question should be our main preoccupation! Who is to know what is good or bad? Every moment gives us a glimpse of who we truly are! Until we explore the most profound of all questions, we will only know duality and its cortege of suffering and blaming…and longing!

  17. ISIS emerged as a Sunni Muslim state carved out of territories from Shiite-dominated Iraq and Syria. What business did the West have in bombing it and siding with the Shiite powers? The West should have kept itself aloof from this religious / sectarian conflict.

    As I see it, ISIS is simply defending itself and fighting for its survival.

    ISIS did not invent suicide attacks, in WWII the Japanese did it, in Sri Lanka the Tamil Tigers did it.

  18. Drawing a parallel, the erstwhile kingdom of Bhutan borrowed the best from all constitutions of the world and compiled it into a document to lead the newly formed democracy once the king handed over to the members of parliament.
    Time has come, I feel, to adopt the best and simplest messages of all world religions and inculcate it into the moral fabric of nations. But the question is do leaders have that kind of zeal and inclination and vast resources to carry out such a stupendous exercise? This is where may be information technology (with its huge number churning capacity) and science can bridge the gap and strive to end to some extent ignorance, superstition, or pain inflicting dangerous practices which still prevail in many religions of the world.

  19. Mr Johnson Tunu, No one has ever succeeded 100% to REHABILITATE Extremists Muslims as they are brainwashed against “Infidels and Kefars” from birth. They live and die by their QURAN.

  20. It sounds like the Vulcans vs. the Romulans. They started out similar and their cultures diverged.

  21. Farooque: Quite a blow-out! And alas true. Even if it is the one part in a multi-faceted conflict. You seem to have overlooked the economic portion, how profit drives much of US warfare and how US is on the verge of destroying world economy. You also left out American missionaries brainwashing uneducated people abroad into religious fundamentalists.
    Religion is clearly destroying the human race and its societies. Rather than preventing greed, corruption, violence, terrorism, amassing of wealth and abuse of women and children, it seems to support it. So it is a useless tool to produce better living conditions and societies and to end wars.
    Much would be achieved if we could throw away God, Allah, Jahve and all the other psychopathic deities to history’s garbage dump to accompany Zeus, Odin and all the other thousands of gods that have plagued humans since the beginning of times. If we could raise one or two generations of religion-free humans, we could be well on our way to create a better world for all, not just for the wealthy. But that is of course just wishful thinking.

  22. Firoze: Fighting for its survival by throwing homosexuals from rooftops and stoning women to death? Come on! There must be some limits to naivety. And deeds of terror cannot be excused by the fact that someone else invented the method.

  23. Mr. Jacobsen: In war you must have absolute conviction and ability to demonize your opponents to do the unthinkable. Imagine how could a civilized and cultured, Catholic nation, Germany, send 6 million people, including children to the gas chambers? How was America built? On the trans-Atlantic slave trade, 15 million Africans, countless millions died during the boat trip and in working the plantations. Niggers were demonized and thought to be sub-human for the civilized Christain conscience to do the unthinkable, in two centuries the death toll from American slavery exceeded Nazi death camp numbers. The two centuries of British rule in India killed 20 million people mostly in famines. The last one in 1942 in Bengal, precipitated by cash rice purchases at much higher prices to deny the advancing Imperial Japanese Army in Burma access to foodstuff, killed 4 million Bengalis. The Japanese samurai beheadings of Chinese and Korean civilians far exceeds the ISIL beheading atrocities. The ISIL enslavement of Yazidi girls pales in comparison with Japanese enslavement of Korean and Chinese ‘comfort women’. If you think the Boko Haram kidnapping of 300 school girls was sick, please remember, barely a century ago the civilised’ Canadian government and the Catholic Church collaborated on an edifying social experiment to forcibly seize about 100,000 native [Indian] American children to be settled with white Christain families. Thousands of them died from abuse and malnutrition. Or the treatment Aboriginals in Australia in the last 300 years, has it evoked any atonement?

    Or imagine how the U.S. could burn 70,000 civilians in Hiroshima, knowing very well the target had no military value. It was a highly successful act of terrorism, pure and simple, repeated a day later in Nagasaki, to convince a brutal military-suicide-cult leadership to capitulate. Or just step back into 15th century Europe, with the Catholic Church in full power, where burning dissenters and witches were daily entertainment, you know too well the numbers ran in to hundreds of thousands, if not millions. How many has ISIL burned?

    Suicide bombings and drone attacks are the mirror image of each other as both of it produce huge collateral damage. Of all the successful drone strikes to kill terrorist leaders in Yemen and Pakistan add countless more women and children who just happen to in the wrong place at the wrong time. I came to know the terrifying story, from a Bangladeshi aid worker, of an Afghan mother strangulating her 7-year-old son as she could not bear the agony of his screams from a Hellfire missile fragment lodged in his hip bone. Suicide bombings and its victims get huge press and TV coverage, drone strikes, just tersely worded statements of a successful kill.

    My distaste for ISIL is as high yours; I just want to shoot the notion that this is a particularly a Muslim or Islamic disease. It is not, just remember the Cambodian Khmer Rouge killing fields perpetrated by a Buddhist people. Omar Mateen is painted as a radical Islamic killer the Sandy Hook killer, is he a Christain killer?

    Just imagine the barbarism of lawmakers who just defeated a move to curb the right of demented, disturbed or people of questionable backgrounds to own assault rifles. Owning a gun in America is easier than owning a dog!

    What I am trying to impress upon my readers, bad as ISIL and the Taliban are, they are no better or worse than perpetrators of gross atrocities from other faiths or cultures throughout the long history of mankind.

    1. I do agree to your historic overview. Man seems to have an endless capacity for evil in the name of some creed, dictator, deity, superstition etc. But I don’t think evil is unstoppable, and I think man learns and eventually knows what is right and wrong. Most of the atrocities you mention belong to the past, to a history that should have given us enough knowledge to avoid the evil performed by ISIS and other terrorist groups or individuals. I will in no way use the evils of the past to excuse the evils done today. We all surely should know better.

  24. Quite wrong. That idea, that a human can be deprived of his religion and still thrive, was invented during Enlightenment, detailed during the end of 19th century and correctly implemented in Soviet Union and later derivatives like North Korea. The result is well known, common misery and dehumane society, and final self-destructionand that all in three or four generations. Dead end here. So, religion should be seen as the highest form of personality development, even not entering the category of truth. Christianity has created the Western world, Western civilisation, perhaps the best one from them all. Islam has created endless oppression and destruction. Choose, gentlemen.

    1. Gentlemen, just briefly peek back in to Europe when the Catholic Church held sway, when women were routinely burnt on the stakes. Remember Galileo was forced to recant his notion of the earth moving around the sun. Any idea or free thought which conflicted the Church’s doctrine was met with death. Remember the Spanish Inquisition, which burnt hundreds of thousands of heretics on the stake.

      It was only after the Reformation of Martin Luther King which broke up the Catholic Church hold on power, the tyranny subsided. The Church’s shameful pedophile history persists till this day.

      ISIS is re-incarnation of the medieval European Catholic Church in the 21st century in the Middle East.

      Western civilization and the universal ideas of personal liberty, free thought, rational thinking, separation of church and state was born with the French Enlightenment and Voltaire.

      All religions thrive by repressing free thought, killing dissenters and hating people whose religion is different.

      Mohammad Firoze

  25. You are wrong that the Enlightenment led to Communism. There is no connection. There are many people who lead good and moral lives without religion. Atheism does not equal Communism. Many wrongs have been committed in the name of religion including the Christian religion. Your reasoning is flawed.


  26. My apology, I meant the 15th century German theologian who headed the Reformation NOT the 20th century Black American ” I have a Dream” fame civil rights leader!

    1. Please remember: It is Muslims who are at the forefront in the fight against ISIS and Al-Qaeda, in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is Muslims who pay with their lives, for every precious life lost in Brussels and Paris there are 100 useless Muslim lives lost in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and in Turkey. Europe, population 300 million, has taken in 250,000 refugees; Turkey a land of 77 million shelters 3 million refugees from Syria!

      It is Muslims who are doing the dirty work for NATO and paying a huge price

      Has any one actually banned anything successfully? Did the Prohibition in America work? The Roman Empire tried to ban Christianity, did they succeed? In a few hundred years there was a Holy Roman Empire!

      1. Good points. Since there are Muslims killing Muslims, one would be inclined to believe all this killing has something to do with religion. If religion is the root of evil, what do you think can be done? Is there a solution to this, including Christians killing Muslims and vice versa, Jews killing Muslims and vice versa, Hindus killing Muslims and vice versa and all religions killing non-believers, indigenous people, homosexuals, witches, women and so on, and so on?

        1. Focus on the aliens. Bring ALL children to play and share with each other. EAT CALMING FOODS. Don’t listen to frantic music. Be an example of compassion, tolerance and gratitude. Take up the responsibility geographically closest to you. Create peace.

  27. “It seems that we are dealing with a mutation to a new species of humanoids devoid of many of the traits of empathy, generosity and tolerance that mankind has slowly developed”.

    Right! Exactly, It is the REVOLUTION that they are looking for, and they capture the hearts and minds of the very young all over the world.

    1. If voting, waging war or (not) using drugs changed anything – the oligarchi would see to it that they’d all be illegal. Rich people may die but the oligarchi stays forever. “Kill, kill, kill the rich nations”. Unfortunately “collateral” people get in the way.
      The “churches” and our message has always been:
      $upport THE church (the one with the funny hats) and impoverish its parisheners; Keep moving political leaders, large corporations, $, food, etc. in small countries to our advantage; kill those that oppose capitalism – anonymously by drones if necessary; keep our own people occupied, irritated and dissatisfied so they can’t realize (see with their real-eyes) the truth outside themselves and their neighbors.
      THATS WHY THEY FIGHT and commit suicide – not to mention a slew of virgins they wouldn’t know what to do with if they actually met.

  28. Why were the Germans and French killing each in the two World Wars? Both of them were Catholic nations. The reasons were political so are the reasons for the fight in Syria and Iraq. Both the countries are in the midst of a sectarian civil war and horrible things happen in civil wars. Remember the Balkans conflict, where the Serbs, a Christian nation engaged in an orgy of rape and murder of Bosnian Muslim women, their deeds were just as heinous as the ISIS.

  29. the solution is simple, first solve the eesrailee palestine conflict, stop all drone attacks, compensate iraq for false accusation of chemical weapons,

    1. Sorry chum, the ISIL problem has its roots in the sectarian battle within Islam itself. This is a Shiite-Sunni conflict which predates the Israeli – Palestine conflict by 1400 years. The Shiite-Sunni conflict is far bloodier and claimed far more lives than the Israel-Palestine conflict.

      1. “Sorry chum”: is a disrespectful phrase that is bullish and start wars. There is no need for it if you’re educating someone. Educators don’t lower themselves to those who are still ignorant about a subject. I’m sure I can best you in several and I don’t call you names. On the higher level of government this attitude becomes lethal. The Bush people are a prime example and people suffered. Disrespect starts in the trenches – in the streets, on the block, in the region, the parish, the county and on up. Now it’s the internet. Prejudices are formed. Unholy alliances prepared. Arms in ready. Shoot. They all fall down.
        Just remember – you started it with simple name-calling. And the ripples are already spreading far and wide in ways you can’t even imagine.

  30. Dear Simone,
    Very interesting part of this story revolves around people who are Joining this dreaded organization who come from advanced value based western societies. Cutting down the conspiracy theories surrounding this organiztion We need you to analyze this and let us know your thoughts.

    Avigdor liberman’s policies are well known hence his proposed solutions are going to increase the exasperations and not reduce it.

    1. This responsive comment is from Simone….

      The people who come from what you call advance based western societies seem never to have absorbed these values. It is far easier to let yourself be brainwashed into believing a simplistic mantra.

  31. Indeed Mohammed, Muslims are at the forefront in the fight but they won’t want you to know that. It’s easier to say that the “effective drone strikes” are doing all the “work”.
    We live in yet another crazy, hateful and egocentric time period. When will we learn just to respect each other no matter what religion/color/race/ideology!
    Like Bob Marley already stated: “So much trouble in the world” …

  32. why ISIS weapons are USA made ?? why General Motors sold 4000 4X4 vehicles to ISIS ?? why media don’t tell us who is funding ISIS and who is getting benefit of their acts ??

    1. Muslims have been killing each other, since the day Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] died. Muhammad was a Messenger of Allah, but his followers tried to establish a monarchy. All his successors, [except Abu Bakr], Osman, Omar, and Ali, were killed by fellow Muslims in a mosque, while praying. So were the Prophets grandsons, Hussain, and Hassan.

      You say Iraq was a peaceful place, before the American invasion? Saddam and his Sunni clan ruled Iraq by gassing the Kurds and Shiite. His most spectacular achievements were attacking Iran in 1979 and occupying Kuwait in 1990. Now, the Shiites and Kurds are returning the favor by slaughtering the Sunnis and ISIL is the Sunni response to that!

  33. At 104 acres (42 ha), the US Embassy in Iraq, is the largest and most expensive embassy in the world. Is it possible that they are creating and operating monsters like ISIS, and attribute it to a Book :).

    Unfortunately there are Muslims, who have been sold to the idea that Muslims are killing Muslims. It is true though that they have become tools in the hands of the secret services agencies; they have been hired as mercenaries; they have been brainwashed and converted; all possibilities that together make up the current reality.

    As for the 1400 years old Shia-Sunni rift in Islam, no, it was not in the Book either. The remnant elements of the Persian Empire, picked a section among their vanquishers, who they found easily exploitable during power transfers in the new establishment – the Muslim Caliphate in Medinah. These people, who came to be known as Shias subsequently, became a proxy for sowing discord and weakening the new religion. This was done deliberately, methodically, and vigorously over 150 years of the Amawi rule.

    Regardless of the history, the people of Iraq, Sunnis and Shias have been living together for centuries as close neighbors and were intermarrying, till the US entered Iraq on false pretext and occupied it and continues to do so.

  34. Islam it self means ‘refuge, shelter’ as it derives from the Arabic root, third person singular” salama, yaslamu’ ( he sought safety, peace). There should be a worldwide coordinated effort to publicize that Islam is a religion of peace and love and not hatred. Jihad has no meaning if one kills peaceful Muslims who are praying.
    Khalid Muhammad

    1. There seems to be a wide variety of interpretation of the word Islam. Most common is submission which gives it a somewhat different meaning than safety and peace. And it still OK to kill apostates, non-believers, homosexuals, people who mock your Prophet and so on, and so on. But I fully support your wish to make Islam into a religion of love and peace. How would you start your campaign?

  35. You are right, technology has made us more efficient in both production AND violence. This means that a minority can have a disproportionate effect. People kill, guns dont. So take away the guns, since human nature is not going to change.

  36. Your last point for me is the most important point. The West claim they are prime targets and the West remains the largest producer of the lethal weapons used by these Psycho yet they are silent because of greed.

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