Knock Knock


There is a new tenant in the White House. Colleagues, friends and neighbors are rushing to pay their respects and see him for themselves.

Theresa May is the first, happy to converse with her new friend. He speaks her own language fluently. No need for interpreters. They get along like a house afire.

Shinzo Abe of Japan is next. He too is happy after he recovers from a lengthy and too-energetic handshake.
(How was his host to know that handshakes are not the way Japanese people greet each other?) Still, what is a little discomfort when you can assure your people that the President is a splendid fellow? Abe is not so ill-bred as to bring up trifles like Muslim bashing and border closures. Much safer to stick to the usual clichés and stock phrases of diplomacy.

Earlier our new leader had taken a phone call from the President of Taiwan, Tsa Ing Wei. This created a bit of brouhaha since he had now stepped with both feet
directly into the One China Policy which does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state. No matter. He quickly withdrew one foot (leaving him standing awkwardly on one leg) and muttered: One China, Two Chinas, whatever…

It is now Benjamin Netanyahu‘s turn. A hardly recognizable Netanyahu. Who knew that he possessed such a happy smile? He is so delighted not to have to deal with that grumpy Obama. Accompanied by an equally happy wife, he basks in the friendship of their host. For this occasion the leader’s wife is also on show. Both ladies wear their finery. The new master of the White House is indeed very agreeable…Two nations for two people, One Nation for two people, Two people for one Nation, it is all the same to him. Oh and Bibi try not to slow down the settlement building for a little while?

A little bemused, Justin Trudeau is next. This is after all his next door neighbor. He may not have much in common with T. In fact he could easily be his son’s age but it will never do to show the least discomfort. He is the very model of a modern gentleman. Looks very elegant too next to our disheveled leader with his too long red tie.

Vladimir Putin does not venture forth. Much better to watch from afar with his usual smirk. He will work his usual mischief around the word while he watches our leader flounder.

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  1. The ‘new tenant’ laid out his vision for America in a stirring carefully worded address to Congress today. He is off to a good start.

  2. Regarding his speech last night, I could not help but recall reading and learning from a story called, “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf!”

  3. The bar was so low for that speech, that his ability to speak complete sentences made it “speech of a lifetime.” Sickening.

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