Royal Chess

After 60 years, Queen Elizabeth is still on stage and the wings are getting crowded. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands just vacated her seat in favour of her son. King Albert of the Belgians is bowing out and his son will do the waving to the crowds from now on.

So isn’t it time to retire gracefully Elizabeth?

Even Prince Charles is getting long in the tooth and a bit past his sell-by date. But how about the more than perfect couple of William and Kate and won’t they look grand on a postage stamp?

The queen can still wear her monochromatic outfits and bucket hats but she won’t have to give those insipid speeches any more.

The trouble is that she does not have a boss to inform her that she has just been made redundant.


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  1. You think she’s a doting yiddische mama like you? Hah! No way! She’s going out in full regalia, clutching that orb and scepter in her cold, dead hand.

  2. It does seem to me that she has always taken this position very seriously. I, too, agree that she would not know how to define herself if she were to give up the throne.

    That said, I always have enjoyed her very formal clothing style. There is something poignant to me about her!

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