The Death Penalty: A Cruel and Unusual Punishment

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  1. Editors note: This comment came in by email so I am reposting here.

    Your recent blog, “death penalty, a cruel and unusual punishment”, brought to mind another cruel and unusual punishment, lynching. What brought it to mind was a 60 Minute segment I recently watched dealing with the Alabama memorial dedicated to the 4000 victims of lynching here in the US. I read that one of the last such lynching occurred in 1981. However, they still seemed to have occurred after that, but in a more secretive manner, with fewer people attending. Of course, such killings were illegal. There was no legal process or court supervision involved. Hope this will never happen again in the US. But, who knows?

    1. I agree entirely…any error that leads an innocent person to be killed makes the death penalty too much. Life in prison may be bad for the innocent person, but at least it allows for the potential of release and fixing the problem (as we’ve tragically seen with some people exonerated after only 20, 30, 40 years) but still, better that then never!

      I don’t understand the bloodlust some people have for the issue. If capital punishment was an effective “deterrent” then why do we still have it? Surely by now it should’ve worked and deterred everyone?

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